MentalEmpowerment is composed of the members of the central organs of the initiative: coordination center, steering group, advisory board. Furthermore, MentalEmpowerment is based on networking with and from experts who affiliated to the different workstream, the quality criterias and goals of MentalEmpowerment.


The coordination center – based at the German Sport University in Cologne – is composed of an executive and a scientific administration. Its task is to mediate between inquiries and needs of the practice as well as between competences and expertise of the network.

The steering group of MentalEmpowerment is composed of representatives of psychology, sports science and psychotherapy / psychiatry. Its members ensure the strategic orientations and innovative impulses with their expertise.

The advisory board of the initiative is built by donor organizations. It has a supervisory role on the activities undertaken within the framework of the initiative and makes recommendations for strategies and future work. The donor organizations of the advisory board ensure the financial and human basic resources of MentalEmpowerment. These resources ensure the coordination center (and hereby the management functions) as well as the necessary networking and coordination activities within the expert networks. To arrange the funding of specific projects (in particular the development and implementation of praxis conceptions) the steering group needs to consult the advisory board or other funding sources in individual cases.

The central and supporting element of MentalEmpowermet is the network of experts with professionals from the fields of sports psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry. In this network, personal and institutional competences are bundled and coordinated in the field of “Mental Health in High-Performance Sport “.

MentalGestärkt works closely with various partner institutions. Cooperations exist with institutions and/or organizations that offer a professional connection to the “Mental Health in High-Performance Sport” area. Partner institutions can advise the initiative on material and personnel issues.