Workshop offers for young athletes

Young athletes in particular need help in dealing with stressors and incriminating occurrences (such as failure, injury, high physical and temporal stress, exclusion from performance and promotion areas). Therefore it is necessary to strengthen coping skills and other psychological resources.

MentalEmpowerment can offer Workshops on the following topics:

  • motivation and goalsetting
  • competitive anxiety and self-confidence
  • mental technique training
  • stress and recovery
  • communication in sport
  • teambuilding
  • tolerance and team performance
  • good performance under pressure
  • time management and energy balance
  • dealing with faults
  • dealing with homesickness

Our partner is, a project of the German Sport University Cologne, which is financed in North Rhine-Westphalia by the Sports-Foundation. In groupworkshops for youth  competitive-athletes, they receive a (sports-)psychological basic training under age-appropriate didactic methodology (“peer teaching”). These workshops have a health-promoting and resource-enhancing effect and represent the first important basics for mental strength and mental health in high-performance sport.

If you are interested in these educational events, we can  arrange suitable interventions for you.