In order to help you optimally, we try to assess your inquiry in a first step: Can we help you directly? Do we have an expert that we can recommend? Do we need further information from you?

In accordance with this, we decide on how to proceed, for example forwarding to an appropriate expert or expert-network. For your individual and ideal support, our experts work closely together (cross-linking). In addition, wherever possible, we take account of regional conditions (in particular, access routes for personal contact). The goal is always to guarantee a fast and home-based care for you.

In the sense of quality assurance, we will contact you again after a successful mediation to one of our experts. . The target is to make sure whether you feel well-cared or if we possibly can do something more for you. Therefore, you will receive a new mail from MentalEmpowerment after two to three weeks. Consider this mail as “aftercare” and evaluate our mediation and support we found for you.