About the initiative

MentalEmpowerment – What is it?


MentalEmpowerment – What is it?

Competitive sports has great potential for developing and promoting teamwork, self-image and personality of athletes. At the same time, there are not only high physical, but also high psychological and social strain in high-performance sport that potentially endanger the mental health of athletes.

This results in two main goals of the MentalEmpowerment initiative. First, we want to maintain and promote mental health in high-performance sport. Secondly, a concern of MentalEmpowerment is to prevent psychological problems, such as excessive stress, depression or burnout in high-performance sport, to recognize early and to provide contacts for the right treatment.

The coordination center of MentalEmpowerment has been established at the German Sport University Cologne, where networks experts and institutions get connected. Hereby, athletes can be optimally informed and looked after in terms of maintaining health, avoiding illness and treatment. MentalEmpowerment distinguishes the work areas of information, events, further education, screening and mediation.

MentalEmpowerment – Who is this?

On one side, MentalEmpowerment consists of the members of the central organs of the initiative (steering group, advisory board, coordination office). On the other side, MentalEmpowerment is based on the networking of and with experts who have affiliated to the quality criterias, goals and the above-mentioned work areas of MentalEmpowerment.