Sport psychologists

A further target group of MentalEmpowerment are sport-psychologically advising or supervising people. As part of the initiative, sport psychological training concepts and modules (in particular the curriculum of the workgroup for sports psychology) are examined. Equally, possibilities for the optimal integration of the subject “Mental Health in High-Performance Sport” are examined and proposals for training modifications are made.

In the steering group, the development of recommendations for sport-psychological education and training is carried out and approved. MentalEmpowerment is also presented in every curriculum and appropriate graduates can also be included into the network of the initiative.

Latest news: educational offer for (asp-)sport psychologists

MentalEmpowerment is recommending to participate at the education „Cologne Model of the Sports Psychology Workshop Modules“ organized by the university-education at the German Sport University Cologne.

Within the two days, contents and didactic orientation of sport psychology workshops for youth  competitive-athletes will be taught in 5 modules. In addition to didactics, extensive materials (course plans, presentations, handouts, worksheets) are offered and many exercises are tested in practice.

Dates 2018:

14. & 15. May 2018; 8:30 to 17:30

Registration: LINK