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ANNOUNCEMENT: 2nd expert forum “No stress with the stress” on 8 November in Berlin

Trainers as well as managers are required to maintain and promote the mental health of their athletes or employees. What keeps athletes, who are exposed to high training loads, mentally healthy? Which factors are burdensome or can even make you mentally ill? Answers offers the event “No stress with the stress – maintaining and promoting mental health in high performance sport”. Together with the Novitas BKK and other experts from science and sports psychology, MentalEmpowerment has put together a program that offers diverse and practicable recommendations for self-observation, communication and mental coaching for high performance athletes. After the successful event last year in Duisburg, thanks to the support of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the administrative professional cooperative (VBG) and the Robert Enke Foundation, this appealing program can now also be offered in Berlin. With Ronald Reng and Martin Amedick, Prof. Michael Kellmann and Lothar Linz, renowned experts will talk about stress and mental health. The archer Elena Richter, Ulf Baranowsky from the Association of German Contract Footballers (VDV) and Janek Kampa, the head of the junior performance center of Union Berlin, will have their say in a panel discussion. The moderation will again be taken over by Holger Dahl.

Flyers and credentials can be found here.


MentalEmpowerment-Flyer – now also in English

In order to bring the topic of mental health closer to non-German-speaking athletes and trainers and coaches, the flyer of our initiative is also available in English. Since March 2017, it can be ordered for free at mentalgestaerkt@dshs-koeln.de. Hereby, MentalEmpowerment reacts on the increasing amount of international athletes in sports such as football, basketball or ice hockey. At this year’s Congress of the International Society of Sports Psychology in Seville, the concept of our networking initiative “MentalEmpowerment” will be presented in a presentation.

New website for NachwuXathleten

MentalEmpowerment cooperates with the website www.nachwuxathleten.de, which was developed by the team of the Technical University of Munich and where young athletes can inform themselves about the topic “Mental Health”. The site also features a self-check for well-being and stress management as well as valuable tips and small tools that can be helpful as stress and strain increase. MentalEmpowerment is on hand and offers sports psychological, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric contact addresses in a nationwide network, if an athlete needs specific help.

A must-have for every trainer! – Practice folder “No stress with the stress”

How do I deal with injured athletes? How does performance pressure affect my athletes? How can I help my athletes with career planning? What should I do if I suspect a mental illness?

These and other questions are answered in the practice folder “No Stress with Stress – Tips and Solutions for Mental Strength and Mental Health in Competitive Sport”. For trainer and other advisors, it represents an aid to action that provides valuable impulses for high-performance sports.

The folder is already in its second edition and can be obtained again for free at www.psyga.info. You can also place an order via mentalgestaerkt@dshs-koeln.de.

The official press release of the folder can be found here.

Best Practice

With the help of Webmood, the physical, mental and social well-being of athletes can be systematically recorded and monitored. The tool is designed for both individual athletes and teams. Webmood can be optimally used as a companion tool in cooperation with a sports psychology expert (psychologists, therapists and possibly coaches) to optimize the training and competition control. That way, it can be recognized such as for instance whether sports psychological training has a positive effect on self-confidence.

The detailed description and contact details can be found here.